Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

[Reblog] Shining Trans : Onew's new Tweet account

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Shining Trans.....any SHINee-related notes and prints translated: Onew's new Tweet account

A few days ago, he open his account. But he opened his mind sending several mentions like 'I'm totally lost', 'the number of my friends here is five(following) but, Why has it changed into 5000(follower)?' Onew finally made his new account(@skehedanfdldi) on 3rd of June, and lefe this mention 'I'll never click delete button to change my password'  source: 10aisa translated and posted by patata

 It was great! Right after Kim Jonghyun, now it's time for Lee Jinki or Onew :") Really exciting about this really good news. I can mentioning him everyday even i know he didn't saw them but yeah just KYAAAAA~~~~ Make my day


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